Submit a Claim - Instructions

If you received an automated telephone call or text message from Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. but you were not a Wells Fargo customer you may be entitled to a cash payment. To receive a cash payment you must submit a Claim Form online, by email, by phone, or by mail.

You should only submit a Claim Form if you are a member of the Settlement Class and the following applies to you:

  • You used or subscribed to a wireless or cellular telephone service within the United States to which Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. (“Wells Fargo”) made or initiated any Call (including any text message) in connection with the collection or servicing of a mortgage or home equity loan, credit card account, retail installment sale contract for an automobile, automobile loan, overdraft on a deposit account, student loan, or in connection with a fraud alert on a credit card or deposit account, using any automated dialing technology or artificial or prerecorded voice technology; and
  • You were not a customer of Wells Fargo at the time of the Call.

By submitting a Claim Form, you are attesting that you received one or more phone calls or text messages from Wells Fargo but were not a Wells Fargo customer at the time you received the call or text message.

The deadline to file a Claim Form online is 11:59 p.m. PST on December 23, 2019. Claim Forms submitted by mail must be postmarked on or before December 23, 2019.

No matter which method you choose to file your Claim Form, please read the Claim Form carefully and provide all the information required. Each Settlement Class Member is entitled to make only one claim regardless of the number of telephone calls received. You should not submit more than one Claim Form. Submitting more than one Claim Form will not increase your compensation under the Settlement Agreement.

How to File Online

To get started with your online Claim Form, please provide your Unique Identification Number ("Unique ID") found on the front of the Postcard Notice you received, or Affected Phone Number and click "Login."

If you cannot locate your Unique ID, you may instead provide your Affected Phone Number.



Affected Phone Number:

How to File by Email or Mail

If you requested a mailed notice, a Claim Form was included. You can also download a copy here. Please read the form carefully and provide all required information. If the information you provide is insufficient to determine whether you are a member of the Settlement Class, your Claim Form may be rejected, or you may be requested to provide additional information. Please send your completed Claim Form to the Settlement Administrator via email or U.S. Mail to the following address:

Wells Fargo TCPA Settlement Administrator
PO Box 4540
Portland, OR 97208-4540

How to File by Phone

To file a claim by phone, please call the Settlement Administrator at 1-877-848-4101. To file a claim using this automated phone line, you will need the Unique ID that was printed on the front of the Postcard Notice you received.

Remember, Claim Forms must be submitted, or postmarked if filing by mail, on or before December 23, 2019.